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Below are many of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get from customers. Please call or text 401-633-4465, or email us at info@rhodydisposal.com with any additional questions not answered.

The dumpster cost is dependent upon several variables listed below. Please call with details on your project and we can provide an exact quote over the phone.

  • Delivery location.
  • Dumpster size (10,15, 20 yard).
  • Type of material going into the dumpster.
  • Weight of contents (each dumpster includes specific tonnage). Charges for weight above designated weight per dumpster is $135/ton.
  • Rental time duration.
  • Tolls if applicable

All Rhody Disposal dumpsters are priced for a seven day rental. If you require the dumpster longer, **each additional day will be $10 up to 7 days. After the 7 day extension, the order will be renewed for an additional week (7 days) at the standard rental fee (rental fee based on the dumpster size rented).

** Rental extension request must be provided three (3) days prior to scheduled return date. We will always try to accommodate extensions, but can not guarantee availability if request is not 3 days prior to return. Thank you for understanding.  

A list of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found on our Rental Guidelines page.

We can pick up the following for an additional cost (the office must be notified first to discuss loading procedure):

  • AC Units
  • Large Appliances/White goods (refrigerators, washing machines)
  • Mattresses
  • Microwaves
  • PC Monitors
  • Propane Tanks
  • Televisions
  • Tires
  • Water Heaters

Any of the above items not previously discussed and discovered at the landfill will incur an additional charge per item.

We ask that the dumpster is filled no more than 6″ above the sides*. By law, we are required to contain each load with a tarp for hauling to the landfill safely. Rhody Disposal cannot pick up a dumpster that is over-full. You will be responsible for ensuring the dumpster is properly loaded. Rhody Disposal may assess a trip fee to recoup costs incurred for not being able to pick up your dumpster.

*If our driver needs to remove or breakdown any items that are more than 6″ above the sides, an additional $50 fee will be charged.

Yes. Our dumpsters have the following weight included per rental:

  • 10 yard dumpsters have a 1 ton or 2,000 lb.
  • 15  yard dumpsters have a 1.5 ton or 3,000 lb.
  • 20 yard dumpsters have a 2 ton or 4,000 lb.

The charge for weight beyond limit outlined above is: $120/ton.

Please note: Due to weight, Rhody Disposal does not allow more than 3 yards of heavy materials (ie. concrete, rock, dirt, asphalt etc.). Exceeding container weight limits will result in extra charges.

Rhody Disposal is extremely careful when delivering a dumpster to a customer site. Every precaution is taken to make sure we are aware of any underground features such as utility or sewer lines. Rhody Disposal cannot be responsible for UNFORSEEN circumstances under the subgrade. The customer needs to make sure they inform Rhody Disposal of any underground assets in the path to the container before it is delivered. Rhody Disposal uses driveway protection, however, we cannot be responsible for damages to paving surfaces such as asphalt, brick pavers, or concrete.

The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is under a rental agreement. For example, unauthorized moving of a dumpster causing damage, pouring wet paint or other sticky material into the dumpster, paint overspray that defaces or mars the surface and appearance of the dumpster, or using heavy equipment such as a skidsteer to drop heavy loads into the dumpster causing dents in its interior and exterior sheet metal.

Please treat the dumpster with respect as additional charges could apply for dumpster repair and cleaning.